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Powerless to Effect Change

October 5, 2021 (174 words)

There are many forms of physical and emotional distress that can befall us in the course of our lives. Some folks have to cope with more of these challenges than others, often for no apparent reason.

It’s the emotional form of distress I wish to comment on this morning. What makes any difficult emotional circumstance even harder to bear is when it’s accompanied by a sense of hopelessness, when one feels powerless to effect a change in the situation.

Professionally and personally, my life has been far from smooth sailing from an emotional perspective. But looking back I guess I always felt I could make things better, even if it eventually took longer than I wanted it to. I can’t imagine what it must be like to feel trapped, and forced to put up with a relationship that was just not working out, be it in a professional or a personal setting.

My sympathies are with anyone – friend or foe – who feels powerless to effect a positive change in their emotional life.

Robert J. Cavanaugh, Jr
October 5, 2021

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