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Sweet Music

August 23, 2021 (172 words)

And then there is music. Lots of stuff appeals to me, starting with what the yard birds do each morning before dawn. There is Americana Fest, held every September in Nashville, which I only just discovered in 2019. (They skipped last year due to COVID).

Have always loved any-and-all breeds of singer-songwriter, along with the rock of my youth, most of Motown, a little classical, some jazz, select R&B, the whole of The American Songbook, swing (Ella, anyone?), Echoes and World Cafe on WXPN.

And get this: I have the nerve to consider myself a musician, even though i don’t actually play an instrument. Is that allowed? A word in conversation can remind me of a lyric. A random sound makes me think of a downbeat or a melody. Before long I am singing something out loud, or playing something in my head.

I guess you could say I am one of those people who are easily amused. It makes for a full life, and life is rather sweet right about now.

Robert J. Cavanaugh, Jr
August 23, 2021

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