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Talking is Good

April 9, 2024  |  165 words  |  Philosophy

Talking is good, but not talking can be okay, too.

For those who enjoy a nice chat, the back and forth with a close friend or family member is like mother’s milk.  Sharing observations can help sort out quandaries and restore enthusiasms.  The steady dialogue feeds the soul.  

But not talking, for those pre-disposed to a quieter approach, provides valuable time to ponder the day’s events and interactions, and to dream new plans into action.  

I have noticed how not talking has gotten a bad rap in some quarters, misconstrued as a lack of curiosity or even worse, as an anti-social inclination.  And granted, sometimes not talking can be an indication of one or both of those things.

Then again, certain people are simply spare in their use of words.  They are quite happy taking in the world around them, without a corresponding need to converse on a routine basis about what they see, feel, or think.  The relative silence is what feeds their soul.

Robert J. Cavanaugh, Jr.

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